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from: The Boy Mechanic, Vol. I

copyrighted 1913 by H.H. Windsor

publishers: Popular Mechanics Co., Chicago

There were at least 4 volumes of this series, each several hundred pages long filled with projects large and small. Weird modifications and hints, such as how to convert a motorcycle into what would today be called a snowmobile, and clever project ideas to inspire the boy in you. I suppose I should say the 'child' but back then this was boy's work and play.

I have volumes 1 and 4, and am pleased to offer a couple examples to the public. Perhaps I'll do more in the future. How about a Biplane Hang Glider, or a classic stern steering sailing ice yacht?

Wait, I find that someone else has already put much of this book on line:


Mark Anderson

Revolving a Wheel with Boat Sails


A novel windmill or revolving wheel can be made by placing a light wheel so it will turn freely on the end of a post, and placing four small sailing boats at equal points on the rim of the wheel. It makes no difference which way the wind blows, the wheel will revolve in one direction. In Fig. 1 the direction of the wind is show by the arrows, and how the sails catch the wind and cause the wheel to revolve. Figure 2 shows how the wheel will appear when complete. This device makes an attractive advertising sign.

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