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updated March 25, 2011

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New or Expanded Features

Updated and Expanded

March 21, 2010

Medical Resources for the Lay Person

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The Physical Exam (2/25/10)

Acute Abdominal Pain

Wound Management

Chest symptoms (Expanded 3/21/10)

Chest Disorders

Head injuries (Expanded 3/21/10)

1958 Thompson Sea Coaster



New Sept. 2010: Finish testing panels

Comparing various ways of sealing Port Orford Cedar decking and comparing brightwork finishes and varnish undercoating on Oregon White Oak.

3/25/11 Surprising events.



Yacht Portraiture New Sep. 2010

B/W Photography by Mark Anderson: Nature, nautical, abstracts, architectural, musical, humanistic:

Color Photography by Mark Anderson: nautical, marinescapes, landscapes

Historical Marine Photography Expanded Sep. 2010

Nautical Art Photos: Color - B/W




The Rachel

Versatile dinghy plans for sale


Boat Building

The Anderson 40

40 Foot Ketch Project *** Last Plank Party

Hull Moving *** Turning Over the Hull

Current Status *** Keel Pouring

Finish testing panels NEW 9/3/10


New April 2010

The Rebuilding of a

1958 Thompson Sea Coaster

utility runabout.


From The Boy Mechanic series of books.

Old compilations of Popular Mechanics articles. 1913

Building a paper canoe

Building a sailing windmill

Building a sailing bicycle


Nautical Links:

A very limited selection

John Kohnen's Boat-Links ( Nautical and Boatbuilding Page)

Craig O'Donnell's

Ken's Paper Boat Page

WoodenBoat Publications

Marine Art Information Center

Klause Lange - Abstract photos of ship paint patterns

Medical Resources

Expanded and Additional Articles

Supplies and Background Information

Diagnostic and Care

History of Nautical Medicine

Cruising Medical Kit v.5.1

Updating Nov. 2010

Chest pain v 1.3:

Is it a heart attack?

Updated 10/26/09

A Short History of Scurvy

Physical Examination

New Oct 2009, and under development

An approach to, and evaluation of:

Abdominal pain and disorders:

New, 10/31/09

Scurvy Symptoms

Wound Care

New Oct 2009

Abdominal pain:

Is it appendicitis?

Naval Hygiene

13 Key Points

and Joint Reduction v1.2


Poisonous Sealife v.2.4

Sea Sickness v. 1.2


Toxic woods

Medical Corps

I'm an emergency/urgent care physician working in Vancouver, Washington, USA. My avocations include photography, boat designing and building, and sailboat cruising. I used to live along the Tualatin River, hence in a riparian zone, and hence the name. I'm currently living in Vancouver, WA, USA and will eventually move back to a riparian zone in Kingston, WA.